Southern Alkubra Government Flag

S.A.G.'s Flag

The Southern Alkubra Government, or more commonly known as S.A.G., is a military dictatorship that rules southern Alkubra. They are involved in a civil war against the Northern Alkubra Government and are winning. S.A.G.'s towns are mostly big and religious like Orth.

Owned towns Edit

  • Bleik
  • Confusion
  • Huira
  • Orth (capitol)
  • Grande

Civil war Edit

Coming soon.

Relationships Edit

Northern Alkubra Government Edit

S.A.G. and N.A.G. are currently involved in a civil war, so you can't say their best buds.

Fort Mitchell Edit

Early on in the war, S.A.G. tried to convince Fort Mitchell to come over to their side. With the Alkubra Police on their side, they would surely win, or though they thought. The Alkubra Police declared that they were a police unit, not an army, and that they would not take sides in the conflict. S.A.G. demanded that they join them. When Fort Mitchell refused, they became angry and attacked Fort Mitchell, which was a heavily defended town with close ties to the Arcas Government. S.A.G. did mange to destroy the town, but the Arcas Government joined the war on N.A.G.'s side.

Arcas Govenment Edit

Because of the "Fort Mitchell War" as the press called it, the Arcas Government joined the war on N.A.G.'s side, so S.A.G. wasn't really friends with the Arcas Government and never had been.

Ozbet Govenrment Edit

S.A.G. bribed the Ozbet Government into joining the war on their side, causing the Ozbet Government to fight their old ally, the Arcas Government

Economy Edit

More coming soon.