Northern Alkubra Government Flag

N.A.G.'s Flag

The Northern Alkubra Government, or more commonly known as N.A.G., is a democratic government that rules northern Alkubra. They are involved in a civil war with the Southern Alkubra Government and are losing. N.A.G.'s towns are mostly rural and farming communities that do not know how to fight well.

Owned towns Edit

Civil war Edit

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Relionships Edit

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Economy Edit

N.A.G.'s economy surronds farming and ranching for the most part, but New Serino has several industrial industries. N.A.G. needs a large amount of leather.

Army Edit


A N.A.G. army unit.

N.A.G.'s army is pretty much made up of inexperienced farmers who were forced to take arms when S.A.G. declared war on them. The standard uniform is a blue jacket, black hat, and some sort of rifle. The units include horses whenever they can get them. The units consist of 5-10 people.