New Shikendo is a town in the western Janubi region that is not part of the Ozbet Government. This town used to be the extremely small town of Shikendo that was the last place on Earth that taught the ancient way of the samurai. New Shikendo is rebelling against the Ozbet Government currently.

History Edit


This is what Shikendo looked like in 81. Shikendo was a small pea farming community then.

In 92 many bandits and raiders started fleeing to Shikendo to avoid being arrested by the new Ozbet Police of the Ozbet Government, which had recently successfully driven out the Janubi Government and the remains of Workforce Merchants. Previously most of the people in the Janubi Region didn't have any need for samurai skills so Shikendo was forgotten so much that the most recent maps didn't show Shikendo on it. This turned Shikendo into a small pea farming that was very isolated. So when outlaws started fleeing the Ozbet Police Shikendo was the perfect place to lie low. Outlaws swarmed the town, killing the leader and placing Baba Ogo in charge. With their leader in charge, they started making "improvements" to the town, some of them were good like the starting of certain industries, but some of it was bad like making the peaceful people of Shikendo into violent criminals.

Rebellion Edit

For awhile their plan worked, the Ozbet Police wasn't able to find the criminals until some scouts stumbled upon Shikendo, renamed New Shikendo, in 100. The town had had massive sandstone walls built around it and many fortifications put in place. The scouts barely got out with their lives and warned the Ozbet Government about the rebellious New Shikendo. The Ozbet Government sent a ambassador to tell the Shikendons that the town was in Ozbet Government territory and that they should stop all of their rebellious nature or suffer the consequences. The ambassador was taken prisoner by the Shikendons and they sent a message to the Ozbet Government that they rebelled against them. Fierce fighting broke out and is still going on.

Statistics Edit

Industries Edit

  • Alchohol Distillery
  • Cotton Cultivation
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Insect Farming
  • Lizard Breeding
  • Pea Cultivation
  • Sheep Breeding
  • Soap Production
  • Water Well
  • Wool Processing

Needs Edit

  • Medicine
  • Pants
  • Shirts/Jackets
  • Cement
  • Lye
  • Fuel
  • Lubricant
  • Hats/Tagelmusts
  • Paper
  • Canabis

Population Edit