Arcas Wellington as he was in 124

Arcas Wellington is most famous for defeating The Federation, but he also is known for his work for the Qubba Police and fighting robbers. He is currently the president of the wealthy Arcas Government and lives in the town of Arcas.

Life Edit

Before his life Edit

A group of people settled in a underground bunker in the middle of the Tribal Region to get away from the outside government.

Early life Edit

Arcas was born in that underground bunker and lived there with his twin brother Barcas.

Mid life (80-83) Edit

Arcas trained as a scout in his bunker with the only active scout Olaf. After his training one day he arrived back at the bunker to find that Olaf a disappeared and the chairmen of his bunker said he was supposed to be getting ready for a mission and disobeyed orders and left the bunker. Because you were the only active scout you had to look for Olaf and bring him back to the bunker.

Tribal Wars Edit

As Arcas traveled to the nearest settlement to ask the people there if they had seen Olaf he was ambushed by a group of Drekar Raiders and taken to their camp were he was thrown into a prison till the Drekar Tribe decided what to do with him. With him was a man named Spencer Rice who the Kivi Tribe worshipped. Spencer said that he was actually a scientist from the town of Araten and was part of a scientific expedition that was on it's way to the Qubba Region and was ambushed by the Drekar and everyone but Spencer was slain. Spencer said that he could convince the Kivi Tribe to attack the Drekar if they could get out of there. In the dead of the night Arcas and Spencer snuck out of the Drekar Camp to the Kivi Camp were Spencer had to convince the Kivi to attack the Drekar. Meanwhile, Arcas went to the other two tribes, the Pullid and Lintu, to convince them to fight the Drekar.

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